About us

A perfume is an invisible statement you could make. A genuine perfume not only emanates fragrance, it exudes confidence and complements your personality. The varieties of perfumes in Dubai are diverse, comprising myriad types and brands. When you walk into a store or even browse online for branded perfumes, the options are limited. Our founders discerned the lack of diversification and devotion among perfume traders and they desired to open a business that rightly trades and addresses the realm of perfume. The sheer passion for the art and trade of perfume gave rise to Perfume Dunia. 

‘Dunia’ is an Arabic word which means world or universe and the name ‘Perfume Dunia’ rightly describes our business.  Our e-commerce website is your doorway to the world of perfumes. We offer you the choice for a grand shopping of Dubai perfumes online. Any perfume variety of brand under the sun that you yearn for is available in our online stores. You can get your hands on many exotic perfumes and high-end brands exclusively on our online perfume store. Industry-made perfume, Arabic perfumes, indigenous fragrances, oud perfumes and manually-made perfumes are all stacked on our website.

The procedure of placing an order on our website is fairly straightforward; you pick the piece and pay the price. Our services are backed by a hassle-free website and a glitch free logistics network. We assure you a laid-back shopping experience, a swift delivering, and hundreds of sublime products and perfume brands online.

All new perfume varieties and brands are immediately featured on the website as it is launched into the market. Shop for yourself or schedule a gift delivery for your loved ones to mark special occasions and leave the rest to us; the products will be delivered timely, sooner than you imagined. We offer deals and discounts on all the popular products regularly; be sure to check this space for amazing offers and splendid products.